Minds + Machines Group Limited, or MMX, is a company which operates a portfolio of top level domain assets (gTLD’s). This registry business has a portfolio that includes geographic domains (such as .boston, .miami, .bayern), professional occupations (such as .law, and .abogado,), consumer interests (such as .fashion, .wedding, .vip) and lifestyle (such as .fit, .surf, .yoga). As well as outdoor activities (such as .fishing, .garden, .horse) and generic names (such as .work and .casa).

The MMX Auction

A few months ago MMX auctioned off top .vip domain names, and now they are doing it again! Each domain name has a different time in the auction, varying from as early as July 24th and ending around July 18th or as late as August 1st. 

Some of these names are perfect for a website domain. Additionally, for a smaller price tag than some other domain names on the market. One of these .vip domain names could be the next name to carry your company to more success. Do not overlook this opportunity. 

Our .VIP Favorites List has selected a few favorites among the 139 domain names being listed for auction. Our favorites list includes:,,, Imagine a website with incredible information and statistics on all things hockey. A site with financial advice, or a finance company.; a news site always uncovering the good stories in politics and pop culture or a theater drama club.

We also love the region-specific names like, and Perfect for a travel site to get people to visit these cities. Or, a small travel blogger giving the best restaurant, hotel and shopping suggestions in the city!

A few honorable mentions are:,,,,,,, and 

If you have any interest in these domain names, encourages you to go for it! Make the jump towards building a strong business website.

Log on to the auction with MMX now!

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The team make up a domain brokerage service. We have extensive experience across all areas of the industry. Including domain acquisition, appraisal, branding, brand protection, portfolio management services and more. We have been a part of some .vip domain sales, most notable:,,, and more.

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