Brooke-Hernandez-featured-on-Kickstart-Commerce-Podcast-Banner domain broker Brooke Hernandez was featured this week on the Kickstart Commerce podcast. Hernandez spoke with podcast host Alvin Brown about her extensive experience working with domains. They discuss how she stumbled upon the vast industry to becoming one of the most well-respected Domain Consultants and Branding Agent. Additionally, in this podcast, Hernandez recaps domain names she has brokered in the past and what she does in between sales.
Podcast Sneak Peek
Who are you? What is your personal and professional background?
“My name is Brooke, a.k.a Broker Brooke, and I am a Domain Consultant and Branding Agent with I have been in the domain industry for almost ten years. Starting with a company called Domain Advisors, moved to Uniregistry and got my knowledge and understanding of sellers and now I am with

When I was little, I wanted to be a Veterinarian. There was no radar of me going in this direction. But, I was lucky to get into it when I did. I actually started as a commercial broker in my 20s, I wanted to be a developer. Then the market crashed in 2008, so I knew developing was not going to be happening for a little bit. So, I luckily had a friend introduce me to Tessa Holcomb and I got in with Domain Advisors.”

I had no idea this industry even existed. But, this industry is so fascinating. It is not just buying and selling, there are so many different levels to it.
Who are you? What is your personal and professional background?
“Yes. When I was working at Uniregistrey I sold the domain New gTLD’s are great. What i am seeing is if people can not afford a strong .COM domain and have a great business idea, they start with gTLD’s. If you are a small business or startup or mom and pop and just want to get into it and see, it is a great way to do it.

On the flip side, I am working with those same startups and companies where once they hit a certain level of funding and certain level of revenue, that realize they need to get the .COM. The .COM is thirty years old, because of that it is also looked upon as the location. People know it, they are comfortable with it, they see it.

There are over 200 million active websites and over 40% of them are .COM. Additionally, almost every Fortune 100 company owns their brand .COM. These successful companies are making sure they are taking their own brand to their own company. Making sure that no competitor gets it and no one can run with their brand in a different direction. I am still seeing the .com as the location, it is trustworthy and the most desired.”

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