Amanda Waltz Featured on DNW Podcast

Co-Founder of, Amanda Waltz, was featured on DNW Podcast this week discussing the impact that cryptocurrency prices have on domain name sales.
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Listen to Amanda Waltz on the DNW podcast podcast here.

Amanda Waltz on DNW Podcast
Cryptocurrencies are volatile by nature, and it certainly has been a crazy past week in the crypto markets. At one point this week Bitcoin was off by 50% from its highs a few weeks ago. Additionally, Ether is down 50% from its high just a few days before. Amanda Waltz answers questions about, the rise of cryptocurrency, and cryptocurrencies impact on domain name sales.
Do you think that the fate of cryptocurrency has an impact on some aftermarket domain sales?
Yes, I do. I think for savvy domain investors either on investor level but also on the end user level, we have seen a rise in folks asking if sellers are willing to be paid in cryptocurrencies. So, absolutely I would say that actually has been happening for quite sometime.
I can think of a few deals, even 3 or 4 years ago, where end users in the start up space were offering on domain names that I was representing. Or domains they had asked me to acquire for them, that was definitely a question. Will the seller accept cryptocurrency? Sometimes they did. I did have one seller that jokes with me now that he wished he would have taken that offer. I think we are seeing more questions being asked of how an offer is written. And we are working with our team to make sure that when an offer is presented that the currency, whether thats euros, pounds or anything else, it is clearly defined.
Was 2020 compared to your experience brokering domains across the past 10 years, do you think it was the biggest.
2020 was not for me personally, no. 2021 so far actually has been. 2020 was the first year of, and I am really proud of what we are doing for our customers. I am thrilled with the team we are assembling, I think we have some really great brokers, but I think they are also really good people. I think that is incredibly important when you are building a company. You want people that are good at their craft and job, but I think you also want to make sure you are assembling the right team as far as strengths and weaknesses.

To listen to more of Amanda Waltz on the DNW Podcast, listen here.

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