Mike Cyger is a quintessential serial entrepreneur who bravely leaped into self-employment, leaving the security of a Fortune 500 career behind. Contrary to what some may believe, despite what many might assume has been only a road to success, he has encountered his fair share of challenges. Remarkably, he has sold the same company not once but twice and has successfully established well-known industry brands, Domain Academy and Domain Sherpa, among other significant achievements.

Mike can be contacted at @MichaelCyger on X

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0:00 Intro
1:00 The Leap of faith
7:00 His 30s Investments and What he Learned
10:00 Picking Domains/Domain Industry
13:30 Internet Publishing is “The best business in the world”
16:00 Birds Fly – Deals Blow Up
20:00 Take 2
24:00 Working With The Government
31:00 Hitting the numbers and it still went bad.
39:00 Selling Business Again
41:00 The App Business
44:00 Domain Sherpa/Domain Academy
1:00:00 Domain Name Sales/Uniregistry
1:07:00 Insider.Email – New Product Launch
1:10:00 Using Ai for Development
1:15:00 Voice.com
1:22:00 NamesCon