Amanda Waltz, co-founder of, was featured in an article by Elliot Silver from linking to’s domain acquisitions video. In the article, Silver writes that he has witnessed many large domain name acquisitions brokered by Amanda Waltz. He links to the domain acquisition video to let Amanda explain why companies utilize domain brokers to acquire domain names and how buy-side domain brokers work on behalf of clients to acquire domains.

As Amanda explains, “A company may need our services when they haven’t launched yet and need a new brand. Sometimes an existing company has a new product that needs an exact match domain to bring the product to market. Other times, companies are looking to do a re-brand. Last, some companies are simply looking to upgrade their domain to something more desirable; maybe something shorter and easy to remember for potential customers.”

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Hi, I’m Amanda Waltz, co-founder of, your home for domain acquisitions, sales, and appraisals. Today we’re going to talk about Domain Acquisitions.

Domain Acquisitions are one of my favorite things to do for clients and there are a number of reasons that a company or organization may require our assistance in acquiring their perfect domain. Some of those reasons are that the company is new, they haven’t launched yet and they’re in stealth mode. They need to have a new product and brand that matches their online identity. Or an existing company will be introducing a new product or service and they also need to have their exact match, or a close match, domain to help bring this product or service online.

Another time that people and companies seek our assistance is when they are looking to do an entire rebrand for whatever reasons. Companies have various reasons for this and we’re happy to help whatever those reasons may be.

The final reason that I’ve come across most recently is that a product group within a company is actually looking to upgrade their domain from a less desirable, either too long of a domain name, or from a less desirable TLD extension that they’ve been using for a while.

There are a number of factors that our team of industry professionals will take into consideration when we determine our strategy in the ways that we look to engage with clients. Oftentimes we’ll go through an exercise and we do this through acquisition consultation. During this time, we’re going to be asking lots of questions. What is somebody’s time frame? What is the value of the domain that they’re looking to acquire? What is the worth or the value that they’ve assigned to it internally? Also, we are looking to find out if they have buy-in from everybody in that product group. In other words, does this have to be signed off on by their CFO? All of the things that you would look to determine when you’re talking with somebody. We would to go through these exercises in our first strategy session with a company or organization that’s looking to acquire a domain.

After we’ve determined the timeline and the budget that our clients would like us to work with, then we start to talk a little bit more about how it is that we are going to work. How we work best is to work on behalf of our clients. We protect their anonymity so oftentimes there are a number of domains that could lend themselves to a number of companies or a number of products or services or organizations. We protect our clients identity and privacy the entire time that we’re working on their behalf. We work with our clients oftentimes under NDA and we work with private buyers and sign agreements to ensure their privacy throughout the entire process.

How do we do this work on behalf of our clients here at Our team has deep relationships both in companies as well as the domain investment community so we have the knowledge and the relationships to be able to pick up the phone and call the domain administrators at a number of leading companies that may or may not be using a particular domain. We also have relationships within the domain investment community for a lot of the domains that are great one-word dot coms. These relationships can be leveraged to get answers very quickly to educate our buyers to get the best deal for our buyers. We have helped countless organizations acquire the assets that are key to helping them achieve success for their brands online.

Thank you for watching today. I’m Amanda Waltz from, your home for domain acquisitions sales and appraisals. If you’d like to learn more about us please visit our site at and go to our resources page.