increasing consumer trust through exact match domain

In Jeffrey’s most recent article, he covers how important it is for any business to have a domain that matches the name or brand of their business. With countless companies fighting for their very survival in the “new normal” landscape, many do not have a choice but to go online. “In order to compete in this increasingly digital landscape, companies must create new levels of trust and security when making the digital transition.”

Going online does not mean just building a basic website offering goods and services. It is making a web presence. That web presence starts with buying a short, easy to spell, easy to remember web domain name that creates instant credibility and trust with potential clients. This strategy is not a new one. It has been used time and again by industry leaders large and small.

One must remember that a web domain name is the front door of your business in the digital world. Buying an inferior domain name is like purchasing property on the wrong side of the tracks. Customers may not come just for that reason. Over the life of the business that will cost you big bucks. An exact match two word domain can be had for very reasonable prices, and some owners will even let you pay them off overtime.

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