ways to improve your ecommerce shop

Did you know: 86% of customers say that they are ready to pay more if it means getting a better customer experience.

It is 2022, customers expect a unique and personalized experience every time they shop. Customers want to feel valued, to experience something different. You, as the business, need to give them that.

With the rise of eCommerce shopping, businesses have to find new ways to attract customers and provide them with a positive shopping experience. This can be difficult for many business owners. You may be wondering – How can I give customers a personal experience if I can not interact with them face to face? 

Here is our guide to improving your eCommerce shop.

Importance of Building Trust With Customers 

Before we begin, let’s cover why building trust with customers through your eCommerce shop is so important. 

Giving customers a positive experience on your site overall elevates the customer service experience. It makes customers enjoy shopping with your brand, trust your brand and keep coming back to your brand. When customers trust your business, your business blossoms. Here are just a few benefits that come from a strong customer relationship: 

  • Customers will advocate for you and recommend you
  • Improves your business credibility
  • Leads to loyal customers
  • Customers will offer suggestions/feedback
  • Customers will engage with your business more (social media, events, etc.)

5 Ways To Improve Your eCommerce Shop

Implementing one, or all of our 5 tips, will help bring your eCommerce shop to new heights. 

1. Design Your Website

Buy a domain that fits your company, and design your website to match your brand.

A premium domain name and well designed website is trustworthy. Why? It makes you look professional and gives your brand a visual identity. If you are unsure of where to begin designing a website, here are some current website design trends we love. 

2. Make Your Site User Friendly

A crucial step in designing a website is making it user friendly. 

This means the site is easy to navigate and easy to read. In 2-3 clicks, your customer should be able to find what they are looking for. If customers are scouring your site for the information they need, they will give up and close the tab. 

  • Organize your site. 
  • Have a few general tabs at the top of your page to help navigate users. Ex.) “Clothing”, “New Arrivals”, “Home”, “About Us”
  • Keep each page of your website free of clutter. 
  • Balance your page with minimal writing, photos and free space. This keeps your page symmetrical and gives users a clear path to follow.

3. Ensure Fast Speed

This includes site speed, and the shopping process.

Today, people expect all sites to load instantaneously. Your page has about one to two seconds of loading time before your customers will be nearing frustration and closing out of your site. Ensure your site is fast and works across all platforms; desktop, tablet, mobile, etc. 

Additionally, keep the shopping process fast for your customer once they are on your site. 

  • Provide pop ups of suggested items
  • Allow them to checkout as a guest, so they do not have to take the time to make an account, or sign in, everytime
  • Provide a shopping cart expiration 

Your customer will appreciate how easy it is to find everything they are looking for, and checkout quickly!

4. Secure The Checkout Process

You would never hand over your credit card information and address to someone in passing. When a customer shops with you, they have to trust that their information will be secure. The last thing they want to stress about is if they are uncertain about your site using their information. 

Make them feel at ease by clearly displaying privacy and/or security badges. Additionally, inform your customers of your policies when it comes to privacy and sharing their information. 

Doing this will build trust with your customer and build your reputation as a professional, respectful company. 

5. Put Your Customers First 

It all goes back to this. Put your customers first. 

Today, customers shop online because it is easy and hassle free, from the comfort of their home. However, they still are looking for a unique experience. Make your customers feel appreciated and valued, and you will have a loyal customer for life. 

  • Create a loyalty program for returning customers
  • Send free gifts to loyal customers after purchases
  • Give customers suggestions based on their past purchases
  • Include their first name in emails and when they log onto your site
  • Create social media pages that are inviting and encourage engagement 
  • Ask your customers for honest reviews and feedback 
  • Surprise your shoppers with sales, free shipping or giveaways 

By implementing one or more of these into your online shop, you will make your customer feel a connection. Almost like they are truly shopping in person with you. 

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