CEO and Co-Founder Jeff Gabriel has years of experience sourcing talent in the domain industry. He has hired brokers, writers, copy-editors, graphic designers, website designers, programmers, etc. So what’s the secret to hiring a quality team? To Jeff, it’s important to cast a wide (think global) net when searching for talent.


Hi, my name is Jeff Gabriel. I am the Co-Founder and CEO of We are the leading domain brokerage on the net. We’re always writing fresh content to help viewers like yourself understand and love the same industry that all of those that work with me at have grown to love. I’ve made a list of common questions and I want to answer each of these questions in 30 seconds or less.

Who should build websites?

Somebody once asked me if I would ever consider hiring people outside of the United States to build them a website when they were launching a business. And I kind of laughed at the question; it’s kind of a very strange question to be asked.

Global Nature of Business

When I worked at Uniregistry and started my own business at Igloo, I had the opportunity to work with a group of people from all over the world. I’m talking about people from the United States to Australia to Hong Kong to Mainland China. I mean I’m just going across the planet from Indonesia to the Philippines to South Africa, different parts of Europe. I lived in the Cayman Islands for seven years. That place is a melting pot of people. Obviously, there are wonderful people from the United States like I already said. Then you get into Canada and other places all over the world. Currently, we have a handful of people from the Philippines that work for us. We have a developer in New Zealand that does some contract work for us. We’re also working with a Russian development company at the moment. I also have multiple salespeople in the UK and throughout the United States.

“It’s about the quality of the work”

The reality is that the quality of the work, the desire of the person, and their personality are important to be a team that works hard and wants to to reach certain goals. I think if you’re thinking about the idea of borders and you want to get into becoming a profitable competitive business that puts out a quality product, those aren’t the questions you should be asking.

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