I recently met with the CEO and Co-Founder of Unstoppable Domains. I got to sit down with Matt for the first time at the ICANN conference in Puerto Rico. I admit I did not know much about Unstoppable and haven’t invested a lot of time in Web3 domains in general because I felt like it was a money grab; after our meeting, I have to say what I have heard about, and from Matt, I am impressed.

They have big plans and big goals. They certainly do not fly by night….Unstoppable Domains is awaiting approval from ICANN to become a registrar, plans to invest in the next round of GTLDs, and is innovating. They are invested in this industry and plan on being here for good.

Matt and I discuss his story, Crypto, Web 3 collissions with other Web3 extensions, Web 2 collissions with web 3 when the GTLD auctions come around in 3 years, and I Hit him with some challenging questions, concerns and objections about Web3 in general. For instance, I asked about the potential for domain squatting and how they plan to prevent it, as well as their strategy for dealing with potential legal issues.

Why only charge one year?

What are you going to do if another namespace starts a matching extension and another entity wins the auction for the same extension? This is a question that is particularly relevant given the upcoming GTLD auctions in 3 years. These auctions could potentially lead to a proliferation of similar extensions, which could pose a challenge for Unstoppable Domains.

What do browsers like Safari, Chrome or Firefox say about your extensions?

How do I contact a registrant?

Have you ever considered tokenizing Unstoppable?

Domain Lending?

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