Bill, was working a corporate job, and moved back home to Chicago to take over his family art supply business that had a handful of employees that was not online. It was the 90s so who was?

Bill had big plans and aspirations, but it took a radio interview in Rockefeller plaza where after a one hour discussion the DJ could not remember his company name.

That is when he knew it was time for a change. The problem was that those who had invested in his company did not see the same benefits the perfect domain name would bring to their business….Additionally, Bill had to find a way to convince the current owner of to sell it to him…

Hear his story, about the power of the perfect domain name and how this decision ended up leading to a 200,000,000+ million dollar exit.

*Special thanks to our Editor, Mike who saved the day!*

About Jeffrey:

Jeffrey M. Gabriel is the founder of, a boutique brokerage that specializes in acquiring, selling, and appraising domains. With over 14 years of experience in the domain industry, Jeffrey has a proven track record of closing multimillion-dollar deals and delivering exceptional value to his clients.

Jeffrey’s core competencies include remote team management, online marketing, and strategy. He is passionate about helping businesses and individuals achieve their online goals and dreams. He has been involved in some of the most notable domain sales in history, such as,, and He is also a Guinness World Record holder and a frequent speaker and writer on domain-related topics.

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