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About the Partnership

In February, and Efty announced the beginning of an exciting partnership. A global leader in domain brokerage services teaming with the world’s largest commission-free domain name marketplace. The partnership is a crucial addition to the domain namespace. It combines the expertise of two strong leaders in the domain industry to create an elevated experience for all clients. was founded to use the knowledge of the domain industry to help clients build their businesses. With a domain brokerage service like, anyone can buy a domain, sell a domain name or protect a domain name.
Efty’s goal was to create a commission-free way to increase sales and make it easier to organize and manage domain portfolios. With Efty, clients can take advantage of different investor tools to make managing their domain portfolios easy.

Out of Beta

Today, we are happy to announce that the partnership is out of beta. Now available to any domain name investor who uses the Efty investor application. With the investor application, any user can assign incoming leads, inquiries and offers to one of the experience domain brokers at You also pay a competitive 15% commission or $250 on the completion of the sale.

Once investors set up an application through Efty and choose a target price for domain names, they can forward their inquiries to The expert domain brokers at will then work with investors to close the sale.
Thank you to all who have helped and Efty beta test this first version of the partnership. Some new features will include adding notes for brokers, adding leads and keeping track of leads.

To Our Clients

Are you a new domain name owner looking for a place to start? Are you an experienced domain name owner? Nevertheless, the teams at and hope you take advantage of this new partnership. This team of experienced professionals in the domain industry offers a new way to buy and sell domain names. The combination of industry-leading technology with experienced domain brokers is unmatched. This partnership believes in the power of domain names and is devoted to helping clients every step of the process.
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