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SAP – yes, THE SAP, that according to the about us section, “Our cloud ERP solutions, powered by technologies like the Internet of Things, Big Data, and more, make a real impact on the world. SAP helps companies revolutionize everything from cancer treatments to flood prevention. We invest in research that can save lives, and we’re passionate about sustainability and social responsibility.” has a blog where they write about many different subjects their clients could benefit from. One of their writers wrote a wonderful piece titled: “What’s in a Domain Name? Is a Domain By Another Name Just as Sweet?”

Seeing a company writing an article like this for their customer base is exciting. Again, it proves to the world just how important domains are, and the article proves that the perfect domain is paramount to your business. We in the domain community have been talking about this information for years, but in big business, we also say it has not yet. We always ask each other when these big brands will get it? When will they realize just how important the domain they have really is in the recipe of success.

The author goes onto write about the eight most important criteria when choosing a domain:

#1: Simple: easy to spell, easy to remember.

#2: Recognizable: it can be associated with the product so strongly that it always will generate business.

#3: Credible: the right domain with the right extension creates instant trust and credibility.

#4: Branded: the right domain name matches the company brand. You do not want a domain that says one thing and your brand another.

#5: Unique: if it stands out, it is memorable. If it sounds like all the others, then it will become confusing.

#6: Catchy: if it isn’t catchy, it will cost you. If you cannot be memorable, what is the point?

#7: Sharable: sharing your brand across social networks is just a part of business life these days. Without a good domain, it will not convert.

#8: SEO-Friendly: Many companies just type a brand’s name into the search box. You want your name to be typed in there!

I agree with every one of the criteria she mentions…I agree with SAP, suggesting that is the Domain Brokerage to purchase a premium domain name from! Have a read of this great, enlightening article:

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