Embark on an entrepreneurial odyssey with Braden Pollock, a domain investment virtuoso and serial entrepreneur whose stories could fill volumes. Starting with humble beginnings in vending machines, Braden’s journey includes milestones like the sale of Smart Start and a 20-year tenure at Legal Brand Marketing. His narrative weaves together trials, triumphs, and savvy pivots that define a true business maven.

Join us as we delve into the strategies behind building a formidable domain portfolio, Braden’s knack for spotting investment opportunities, and his philanthropic endeavors. Strap in for a discussion on running multiple businesses and the art of domain investing with Braden at the helm. His keen eye for market demands has led him to manage a diverse set of ventures, from automotive shops to real estate, while maintaining a finger on the pulse of his companies without getting bogged down in the daily grind.

Braden’s post-sale business playbook is a masterclass in diversification, showcasing his involvement in angel investing and the exciting world of the shaving industry. For Braden, the end of one venture is just the beginning of the next. In our final act, glean insights from a titan of startup investment and the domain industry. Braden shares tips on pricing domain names, evaluating startups for investment, and nurturing relationships with venture capital firms.

As Braden recounts his globe-trotting tales from industry events and domain conferences, he emphasizes the importance of in-person networking and the strategies that have kept him at the forefront of domain investing trends. This episode isn’t just a conversation—it’s a masterclass in the entrepreneurial journey from a man who’s lived it all.

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