This week, I take you along for my trip to the Internet Commerce Association meeting in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada.

I will share my experience, who I met, and what we did during this conference. If you are serious about being part of the domain industry, I will answer the question, “Why should I join the Internet Commerce Association?”

I peel back the curtain on the heady mix of anticipation, achievement, and admiration that fuels our domain industry community. Hear about the camaraderie that only events like this can foster. From the echoes of laughter during a magician’s mind-bending performance to insightful chats with industry gurus and mixers, this whirlwind experience is one for the books.

So join me, and let’s recount the tales of triumph, the words of wisdom, and a heartfelt farewell that made this conference unforgettable!

Join the ICA:

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