- Efty Agreement Terms (“we”, “us”) provides a brokerage service which is independent of services. brokerage services are not provided by By selecting as the broker for this listing, you agree to the following terms of brokerage. To the extent that any of these terms differ from terms or representations, these terms solely govern your relationship with in the conduct of our brokerage service.

1. Your Domain Name

You warrant that you are the authorized seller of the Domain Name and that you are solely responsible for your registration, use and maintenance of the Domain Name. We may decline to accept your Domain Name into the brokerage service or may discontinue providing brokerage service for your Domain Name at any time for any reason.

2. Our Services

Leads are assigned at a per lead basis to Saw Brokerage for negotiating and facilitating sale of the domain name. We agree to apply our experience and expertise to qualifying and evaluating such inquiries, determining how to respond to such inquiries, negotiating on your behalf, and conducting sales to which you agree.

You further agree that from time to time we may, in our sole discretion, offer, your Domain Names for sale through channels other than the platform and to represent that we are brokering the sale of your Domain Name.

Any leads, contacts, and communications conducted with prospective purchasers of the domain name during the term of our services will be maintained in accordance with our Privacy Policy and will remain our exclusive confidential data, subject to any applicable data collection or retention requirements.

We are not a payment processing or escrow service. In the course of transacting sales, we will engage such payment processing or escrow services as may be appropriate for a transaction. You agree that you will not unreasonably refuse to accept ordinary domain name sales terms or terms required by such third party services as may be necessary or appropriate to a transaction.

3. Your cooperation

Your constructive cooperation is essential for success. Our ability to establish and maintain trust with buyers requires that we can rely on you to work constructively with us. We may terminate our agreement to provide our services to you if, in our sole discretion, we find that we are not able to obtain an adequate level of cooperation.

You agree to respond promptly to us to pricing inquiries or other information we may request from you during the conduct of our services in order to conduct negotiations. If you have provided us with a minimum acceptable price, you agree to honor offers to purchase which exceed that price. You agree to promptly update us if your pricing requirements change, and we agree to confirm the continued acceptability of any such price if we have not received pricing guidance from you within the six months preceding a present offer in excess of that price.

All leads assigned to the brokerage have a ninety-day exclusivity period with the domain brokerage and will remain subject to these terms. The exclusivity period will be renewed in thirty-day increments upon receipt of a qualified offer of the buyer that is presented to the seller.

4. Commission

You agree that we shall collect a commission of 15% of the purchase price or $250.00 USD whichever is greater of any sale of the Domain Name which has been negotiated or facilitated through our brokerage service. In the event of any time-structured payment agreement, this commission shall be based on the total value of payments to be made under such agreement. You agree that in the event of a sale of your Domain Name, we may collect our commission directly from such payment processor or escrow service with whom we establish a transaction to execute the sale of the Domain Name.

5. Amendment

We may amend these terms of service with effect 15 days after we post any such amendment. If you do not agree to such amended terms, you may terminate the use of our services your Domain Name by de-selecting our services. Either you or we may propose different terms than these in relation to your Domain Name and/or any other domain names for which you have selected to use our services. Any such different terms will supersede these terms, provided that we and you agree to them in writing.