Hear the personal journey of Brent Payne, where he takes us from SEO in 1997 to today, and his personal story that has taught him not to put all his eggs in one basket and how to recover from an 80% revenue loss in his business. This is a great one that hits home!

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0:00 The Sales Pit – Breaking Through – Amazon
9:00 Cutting Your Teeth in Sales – The Pay Cut
12:00 #50 Salesperson to #1 Using SEO
25:00 Newspaper Decline – Working at the Tribune
30:00 Why is Google Search Getting Worse?
35:00 The New York Times, SEO – Hudson River Plane Crash
45:00 Google Analytics/Chrome
50:00 Going Out on My Own – Killing It!
51:00 Then losing 80% of My Revenue
55:00 HELL
1:00:00 AI in SEO
1:05:12 AI in Content Creation and SEO
1:16:01 Maximizing ROI Through Podcast Content