What Should I Name My Business?

Starting a business? One of the first things you need to do is decide on buying the right domain name for your business – which is no light decision. Your name can mean the difference between success and failure – the difference between becoming an industry leader or getting stuck in a sea of anonymity.

Jeffrey Gabriel Featured on Forbes – “15 Ways To Find And Attract Investors Remotely”

A representative from Forbes asked me how what I would do to attract investors to Funny enough I have never raised money before, and for the record, was funded by some well known VCs as my MasterCard and Visa. The day may come that we do raise some money, but at the moment we seem well funded and are growing at a strong organic pace. and are on the Menu is delighted to announce the exclusive listings for 2 of the finest Food Industry related domains to market,, and These relevant domains can assist with growth and brand-ability for companies in many different applicable food markets.


Imagine for a moment that your target customer opens a marketing email from your company. A new product catches their eye in the email, and they click the link to your website. From there, they log in and provide their payment information to purchase the product from the email. Featured – – How to Choose a Winning Domain Name that Represents Your Brand (CT), which I think is a wonderful resource for all things business, wrote an article about choosing a winning domain name. In that very article, it featured us, CT did not just touch on a few ideas but gave much great advice and explained each part.

New Forbes Article – Should I Use a Domain Buy Service?

This article goes over when you should consider working with an experienced Domain Broker when buying a web domain name. They should help discuss all of the things you need to look out for and help you understand the entire process just like an experienced realtor does when someone is buying a home. Featured on – Listing Domain Names for Sale on Brand Marketplaces posted a great and informative story about some of the brand-related brokerages and marketplaces that have sprung up in the last few years. is one of those mentioned. The article also touches on how domains are more associated with a business name idea than just domain names.

Adult-Themed TLDs and Their Potential Risk To Your Brand

Imagine you own a clothing company that you operate online with the domain Now imagine that the domain was recently registered as a TLD. Due to the potential risk of being associated with an adult-themed website, you decide to open a UDRP case against the registrant of the new domain. You win the case, and the registrant is forced to give up the domain Price Drop! Black Friday has come early!

It’s not every day we announce a price drop on a premium one-word domain. The coolest name on the market has a motivated seller for a fourth-quarter sale. With only two months left in 2020, we have decided to discount the domain to $75,000!

Companies That Bought Premium Domains

If you think about it many of the brands we have come to love are directly associated with the products they offer. When you think of Rootbeer people think of A&W. They own Clausen (Kraft) owns Pickels and Fidelity Investments’ owns