Digital transformation

Making the Digital Transformation During a Crisis

Pivoting from a primarily offline marketplace to 100% e-commerce requires fundamentally shifting the way you do business. This statement has been repeated countless times since March, when many brick and mortar businesses were stopped in their tracks by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Benefits of branding

Benefits of Branding – And How A Domain Can Help

There are many ideas that come to mind when we think of the word “brand.” Big names like Nike, Apple, Google, McDonald’s, etc might come to mind. We picture the company’s logo, typeface, or colors. However, branding is much more than just a memorable logo or catchphrase.

What do i need to know before buying a domain name?

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Domain Name?

Just getting your feet wet in the domain industry and don’t know where to begin? Watch the video below to hear Jeff break down the first questions you should consider when thinking about buying a domain name.

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DN Journal

Amanda Waltz and Jeffrey Gabriel Featured on DN Journal

DN Journal, or “Domain Name Journal” is an online and print magazine that was founded in 2003. The magazine reports on the latest sales, events and developments in the internet domain registration market.

Domain name purchase

Can I Buy Privacy After the Domain Name Purchase?

Interested in domain privacy? Frankly, we all should be. Watch Jeff walk through the steps you should take to ensure privacy before you even buy a domain name.

Build your business

Why You Shouldn’t Use Facebook (or any other social platform) to Build Your Business

Social media can be a powerful tool for business. It can generate new customers, sales, and traffic to your website. But it shouldn’t be relied on as the end-all-be-all for your business operations online. Why? Because when you put your business on Facebook, guess who has control over your business. If you guessed Facebook, you’d be correct.

Parler Moves

Parler Moves Domain Registrar Amid Maelstrom of Capitol Riots, AWS, Google, Apple Takedowns: Report

Parler, which calls itself “The Unbiased Social Media Site”, and which has received media attention due to its use by political extremists, has moved their domain from the registrar, to another registrar,


Who Should Buy a New gTLD?

Thinking about purchasing a new gTLD? Wondering how that might affect your SEO and future business prospects? Before you go any further, watch Jeff shed some light on this debate.

Namescon 2021 Attending Namescon 2021

The domain industry’s growth is never ending. It remains the most energetic market year after year in technology today. Especially after the world transitioned to being fully online, it is more important than ever to be aware of what is going on in the domain industry.