Is Domain Investing a Good Idea?

In the past decade, you might have seen news of multimillion-dollar domain sales and wondered if domain investing is a good idea. After all, it sounds pretty easy, right? Simply buy domains on the cheap and wait for customers to come to you and offer thousands or even millions of dollars. You could be a millionaire overnight.

Can Registrars Buy Domains?

Domain registrars have access to tons of domain name keyword search data. Have you ever wondered if registers try to “get ahead of the game” and buy up popular keyword domains before the general public can get their hands on them? Watch Jeff’s take on this idea below.

6 Steps to Purchasing a Domain That is Already Taken

You’re starting a business or undergoing a rebrand, and you’ve come up with the perfect domain name. Only problem? The domain is already registered. In this case, you have one of two options – you can either choose an alternative domain name, or you can fork up the cash to the current owner. If your heart is set on your first choice, this article will explain how you can go about buying the domain.

Who Should Build Websites? CEO and Co-Founder Jeff Gabriel has years of experience sourcing talent in the domain industry. He has hired brokers, writers, copy-editors, graphic designers, website designers, programmers, etc. So what’s the secret to hiring a quality team? To Jeff, it’s important to cast a wide (think global) net when searching for talent.

The Benefits of Keyword Domains

A common debate in the domain name market is whether to purchase a branded domain ( or a keyword domain ( There are opportunities and potential drawbacks to each decision, and a lot of the time, buying a domain will depend on your specific circumstances. This article provides an overview of keyword domains and the benefits of owning a keyword domain name.

What is the Hardest Type of Domain to Sell?

Like any asset, not all domains are created equal. The fact is that some domains are a lot more difficult to sell than others, for many different reasons. Who better to discuss this topic than our very own Jeff Gabriel? (broker of the famous $13 million sale of

The Rise of the $2 Billion Secondary Domain Market

With more business moving towards the digital space, and away from brick-and-mortar operations, domain names (particularly dot-coms) have never been more valuable. A Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report finds that “over half of online customers worldwide go to the websites of businesses to begin searching for products—either directly or guided by search engines.”

3 Branding Basics Every Business Owner Should Follow

For most businesses, effective branding is the difference between success and failure. This is true for big corporations, but also local mom and pops, freelancers, and small business entrepreneurs.

Can I Buy an Expired Domain?

Wondering whether buying up an expired domain that is trademarked will put you into legal trouble? Watch below to hear Jeff Gabriel’s advice. We are the leading domain brokerage on the net. We’re always writing fresh content to help viewers like yourself understand and love the same industry that all of those that work with me at have grown to love. and Featured in DN Journal

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