Brooke Hernandez on Kickstart Commerce Podcast domain broker Brooke Hernandez was featured this week on the Kickstart Commerce podcast. Hernandez spoke with podcast host Alvin Brown about her extensive experience working with domains. They discuss how she stumbled upon the vast industry to becoming one of the most well-respected Domain Consultants and Branding Agent. Additionally, in this podcast Hernandez recaps domain names she has brokered in the past and what she does in between sales.

Meet Our Team: Yogi Solanki

The newest addition to the domain brokerage team is Yogi Solanki. He is a passionate domain investor from New Delhi, India that believes domain names can change lives. Our newest member of the team opens up about his favorite hobbies, future goals and excitement to be joining the family. Welcome Yogi, we are excited to see where the future takes us with you on our team.

3 Keys to Success When Buying a Domain for Your Brand

As you probably know, domain names are the digital real estate upon which we build our businesses by providing a portal for customers to reach us. And domains have never been more valuable or important. There are 4.27 billion Internet users in the world, and a website provides access to each and every one of them.

What is Brand Protection and Why is it Important?

At its core, brand protection is the processing of preventing bad actors from illegally infringing on your intellectual property (IP). This can include your brand name, brand identity, trademarks, copyrights, designs, patents, and more. Do not wait for something horrible to happen to your brand. When you buy a domain, it is important to plan ahead to protect that brand name and the rest of your business.

Domain Statuses – What They Are, and How to Find Them

Domain name status codes, called Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) domain status codes, tell you the status of a domain name registration. A domain’s status codes can tell you whether the domain registration is about the expire, whether there are any restrictions on the name, whether the domain can be transferred to a different registrar, and more.

For Sale Exclusively Through and adds both and to the extensive list of high-value domain names sold on behalf of numerous clients. These domain names most recently include,,, and Our team of experienced domain name brokers are highly sought after.

How to Buy a Domain (6 Insider Tips)

As we’ve touched on many times on this blog, the importance of a great domain name cannot be stressed enough. Premium .com domains that are short, memorable, and easy to pronounce are the gateway to near limitless potential for your business. That said, acquiring an affordable name that checks all of those boxes is not the easiest task.

What Makes a Brand Name (And The Domain to Match) So Important?

In the competitive digital market, companies are always looking for ways to stand apart from the competition. As companies make the transition from brick and mortar to digital sales, marketing and naming are only increasing in importance.

How To Protect Yourself When Buying a Domain

For a new business or entrepreneurial venture, buying a domain is an exciting first step. It’s the step that launches a business into action and makes it “go live”. That said, there’s more to buying a domain than finding a great name and clicking “BUY”.

EFTY and Partnership Out of Beta

In February, and Efty announced the beginning of an exciting partnership. A global leader in domain brokerage services teaming with the worlds largest commission-free domain name marketplace. The partnership is a crucial addition to the domain name space. It combines the expertise of two strong leaders in the domain industry to create an elevated experience for all clients.