Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Here are common mistakes small business owners make when starting their business. And of course, how you can avoid them!


Great .VIP Names Up For Auction

MMX is now auctioning off premium .VIP domain names. Elevate your business brand with one of these exclusive names.


Why The .COM is the King of Domains discusses why .com domain extensions are the golden standard of domain names and why you need one for your business.


Meet The Team: Brooke Hernandez

Brooke Hernandez discusses her secret talent and passion for working with companies to help them meet their goals.

Build a Business

How to Build a Business From the Ground Up

Starting a business can be nerve racking. Here are’s five tips for building a business from the ground up.


Website Builder vs. Professional Web Designer? How Should I Build My Website?

Having a professional website is no longer considered a luxury. Anyone can register a cheap website and design a decent-looking website with no coding experience using a website builder, in many cases for free. That said, there is a reason many businesses still opt to spend the extra money to hire a professional website designer.…


Characteristics of a Strong Business Website

Domain names are the digital real estate of your company. What does this make your website? Your business’s front door step. This is what communicates the essence of what makes your company special. It is the finishing touches – the welcome mat and fresh flowers that welcome your customers home.  A website is one of…

NFT Domains

The Rise of NFT Domains

NFT’s. The digital asset that has celebrities like Elon Musk and his wife Grimes, Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton and more joining the crypto art craze. We keep hearing about them on the news, in pop culture and online articles. But, what are they really?Are NFT’s just a short lived craze? Or will they shift the…

Amanda Blog

Meet The Team: Amanda Waltz

With twelve years of experience under her belt, Amanda Waltz is now one of the most respected in the industry. She is sought after for both her extensive knowledge of the business, and as a domain broker. In this “Meet The Team” series, Amanda Waltz discusses her passions outside of work and reflects on the…


6 Tips for Securing Your Website

Just like you take precautions with your personal security, you also need to secure your website. Here are 6 tips for securing your website.