Past Congressional Attempts to Combat Online Copyright Infringement

In the past ten years, Congress has tried on multiple occasions to pass legislation to combat online copyright infringement. While the bills received bipartisan support and support from powerful groups such as the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), both attempts failed.

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Saw Video – Join the ICA co-founder Jeffrey Gabriel is asking you to join the Internet Commerce Association (ICA) in a video. In the video, Jeff explains what the ICA does, its role in the domain industry, and its legal advocacy efforts to protect domain owners. He also discusses the benefits of membership. Check out the video below!

What To Do When The Domain Name You Want Is Taken

Jeff Gabriel again shares his domain expertise in an article featured on In the article, Jeff explains the most effective strategy when the domain you want to purchase is already taken.

Founders Interview: Choosing The Perfect Domain For Your Business With Jeffrey Gabriel

Jeff Gabriel, co-founder and CEO, was interviewed by Richard Lau from to discuss the founding of and the origins of the company. Jeff discusses the trajectory of the launch, from the logo’s origins to soft-launch, to aspirational plans for the future.

Step by Step: The Startup Domain Acquisition Process – with Amanda Waltz

Amanda Waltz, co-founder of, was recently interviewed by Tess Diaz of Domain Sherpa. In the interview, Amanda provides a step-by-step review of the domain acquisition process and explains how brokers assist throughout the process.