Co-Founder on Forbes writing about Domain Squatting

Check out Jeff Gabriel’s latest Forbes Council Post article on The article provides some background on cybersquatting and explains how cybersquatting cases are typically handled. Jeff explains how the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) is used to handle cybersquatting disputes.

How the category of domain effects value

Watch co-founder and CEO Jeff Gabriel discuss how a domain’s industry can affect its price. In the video, he provides examples for how a domain name can fit into multiple industries. He stresses that the industry that is most competitive and can provide the greatest return should be used for appraisal purposes.

Alternative Domains with Amanda Waltz

Watch co-founder Amanda Waltz discuss alternative domains. In the video, she talks about ways that clients can use alternative domain names when the domain they have targeted is simply out of reach for the client, either due to budget restrictions or the owner being unwilling to sell. works to understand the client’s needs to get the best possible alternative domain to meet those needs.

Domain Hacks

Watch CEO Jeff Gabriel explain domain hacks. He provides some of the most well-known domain hack examples.
Hi, my name is Jeff Gabriel. I’m the CEO and co-founder of In a very quick and efficient way, I’m going to tell you what a domain hack is. A domain hack is a very simple thing. It’s when you combine the keyword of a domain name and use it along with the extension to form a word.

How to use Google Trends when valuing domain names

Watch CEO Jeff Gabriel discuss Google trends as they relate to domain name appraisals. In the video, Jeff explains that Google trends can tell you how often a keyword is searched on Google, which correlates to the worth of a domain name containing that keyword. Jeff provides a handful of examples to illustrate this point

Co-founder Interview for Digital Marketing Podcast with Bill Hartzer

In March, Jeff Gabriel, co-founder was interviewed by Bill Hartzer from the Digital Marketing Podcast. In the interview, Jeff provides his knowledge and expertise on all things domains. He gets into domain investing, appraisals, acquisitions, sales, and portfolio management. Offers a Domain Buy and Consultation Service was featured in an article on discussing the services and products offered by
The article states that specializes in representing buyers looking to buy a domain or a website. Whether you need assistance in acquiring a domain or are looking for guidance in choosing the perfect domain, our domain name brokers are here to help.

Amanda Waltz, co-founder of discusses Domain Acquisitions, by Elliot Silver

Amanda Waltz, co-founder of, was featured in an article by Elliot Silver from linking to’s domain acquisitions video. In the article, Silver writes that he has witnessed many large domain name acquisitions brokered by Amanda Waltz. He links to the domain acquisition video to let Amanda explain why companies utilize domain brokers to acquire domain names and how buy-side domain brokers work on behalf of clients to acquire domains. Co-Founder Article on Forbes Regarding Domain Appraisals

An article written by Jeffrey Gabriel was featured as a Forbes Council Post on The article discusses six things to consider when appraising a domain name.

How to Appraise a Domain Name with Jeffrey Gabriel

My name is Jeff Gabriel I am the CEO and co-founder of In my tenure, I’ve had the opportunity to appraise tens of thousands of domain names and I’m going to share with you today some of the metrics and things that I do to quickly and easily appraise a domain.