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I am CEO Interview – Jeffrey Gabriel

In this interview, Jeffrey goes over what it is like to start a business, what struggles we have faced as a company, and what you can do to be a more successful manager. He also discusses his “CEO Story” as to where he has gotten where he is today, from entering sales to cutting his teeth in management.

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Saw Video – Brooke Interviews Justin Mitchell, CEO Part 3

Justin explains how helped him get his business ready for launch by providing a smooth and efficient domain acquisition. “Initially I was unable to get in contact with the owner myself at all, and Brooke you were really the only way that we could even get into contact with them.

older domains better for SEO

Are Older Domains Better For SEO?

It’s a common misconception that older domains are, by their nature, better for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The belief is that older domains are seen as more trustworthy or legitimate by search engines, so they are ranked higher. This myth has been debunked, but it continues to be perpetuated in the domain industry.

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Saw Video – Brooke Interviews Justin Mitchell, CEO Part 2

In the video, Justin expands on how a .com domain can provide valuable credibility and legitimacy to your brand and website. He discusses how it’s one of the best ways to establish yourself as a business and get your foot in the door.


Forbes – How To Purchase A Domain Name That Is Already Taken

Our Co-Founder, Jeffrey Gabriel, delves into the steps uses to purchase a domain name that is already taken. We think this might be helpful to those who might like to dabble in the art of Domain Brokerage.

why i purchased Video – Why I purchased – Part 1’s own Brooke Hernandez recently chatted with CEO Justin Mitchell about the origins of his company, the brand’s journey, and the experience he had working with to acquire the perfect domain for his business.


Why hiring a veteran domain broker when buying a domain is vital to your success?

Buying a domain name and securing your company’s brand is a serious undertaking. The result of this process will be what broadcasts your company worldwide. What do you do if the domain name that fits your brand so perfectly is already taken? This is where securing the services of a well-respected domain name broker and team comes into play.

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Jeffrey Gabriel Speaker At THE DOMAIN SHOW

It has been an interesting year for all of us. It is great to see that Page Howe has taken the time to put together a great show that allows us to come together and talk about the industry and subjects we love.