Should You Choose a Branded Domain or a Keyword Domain?

An important decision to make when picking a domain is whether to choose a branded domain or a keyword domain. This decision can affect customer perception of your company and your search engine rankings, two crucial aspects of your online business. featured on!

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Oops My Domain Expired – Forbes Article

As a Domain Broker one of the objections I have heard many times over the years is that when someone wants to purchase a domain name, and that domain is getting close to expiration they say they will just wait until it expires.Many of us reading this post know that idea is a good one, but the domain industry does not work that way.

Do not just go buy a domain! Get a Complimentary Consultation from

We issued a press release offering the world a complimentary consultation with our Domain Buy Service when buying a web domain name. The team at knows that times are hard for many reasons. We also know that dreamers will keep dreaming, entrepreneurs are going to keep creating, and new products and services will be launched.

Why hiring a veteran domain broker when buying a domain is vital to your success

Buying a domain name and securing your company’s brand is a serious undertaking. The result of this process will be what broadcasts your company worldwide. What do you do if the domain name that fits your brand so perfectly is already taken? Securing the services of an experienced, well-respected domain name broker with a decade of experience like me comes into play.

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Your Domain Name Does Matter in Search Results – Microsoft Says So!

I stumbled upon a study conducted by Microsoft eons ago back in the paleolithic era of search; 2012… It is about how “premium domains” are perceived by the consumer when seeing them in the search results compared to a lower value “non-premium” domain.

Past Congressional Attempts to Combat Online Copyright Infringement

In the past ten years, Congress has tried on multiple occasions to pass legislation to combat online copyright infringement. While the bills received bipartisan support and support from powerful groups such as the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), both attempts failed.