Why Purchasing a is a No-Brainer

Category-defining. Generic. One-word. Exact-match. These are all ways to describe premium domains. A great example is It defines the category (automobiles), it’s as generic as can be, it’s one word, and it’s an exact match for the service the website offers (selling cars).

9 Reasons Why Buying A Great Domain Name Matters

Imagine you’ve decided to launch a website. You’ve come up with a killer brand name, and you’re all ready to go. You visit a domain marketplace and search for your brand – but there’s bad news. The exact-match dotCOM domain for your brand is already registered by somebody else.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Now is the perfect time to brush up on keeping yourself and your information safe online. Each year, cybercriminals come up with new ways to defraud individuals and businesses alike on the Internet. Any information that you provide on the Internet, whether it’s on Facebook or through your banking institution, is at risk.

Saw Video – Comparable Sales

Watch CEO and co-founder Jeff Gabriel discuss domain appraisals in a new video! He explains how we can use past comparable sales to inform a domain’s appraisal.

“Wait, What Was That Site Again?”

As a Domain Broker, I get told regularly that “domain names don’t matter. It’s all about Google these days”. This is usually said by someone in the market for a domain but doesn’t feel like paying more than $50 for it. One of the most important parts of my job is education – ensuring the potential buyer is aware of the metrics involved in valuing a domain name and why those metrics are important.

Lessons Learned From The Internet’s First Domain Names

Co-Founder of, Jeffrey Gabriel, is featured on Forbes, and this time, he goes over the first ten domains ever registered and what we can learn from them. Jeffrey discusses their values and covers what makes them valuable. It is easy to look back as hindsight is 20/20, but it is interesting to see what names were registered first. Video – Why I Purchased – Complete

Watch CEO Justin Mitchell discuss the origins of his company’s brand and how’s domain buy service helped him acquire the perfect domain for his business.

Saw Video – Why I Purchased The Domain Name,‘s Brooke Hernandez recently interviewed the founder of, Ben Stern. At just 14 years old, Ben Stern conceptualized Nohbo, which designs and develops sustainable, single-use plastic-free personal care products with the goal of eradicating unnecessary plastic bottles. are the Web Domain Trading Specialists Who Ensure Your Business is Seen is once again in the news. This time The News Front, has written an article about our Web Domain Buy Services and what sets apart from our competitors!

Forbes Group Post – 15 Ways To Let Go

One of the best parts about being a Domain Broker is that you have the opportunity to speak to many visionaries, entrepreneurs and CEOs starting new businesses, launching new products, or improving the branding they already have. When the glitz and glamour of launching one of these initiatives go away, it is time to execute.