Why hiring a veteran domain broker when buying a domain is vital to your success

Buying a domain name and securing your company’s brand is a serious undertaking. The result of this process will be what broadcasts your company worldwide. What do you do if the domain name that fits your brand so perfectly is already taken? Securing the services of an experienced, well-respected domain name broker with a decade of experience like me comes into play.

The Domain you are looking to buy may have been originally hand registered or purchased on the secondary market for various reasons. The Domain may have been obtained for a project that never took off; a branding company could have bought a slew of domains for a client that no longer fits their vision, or may have been purchased by a domain investor looking to make a return on their purchase. Whatever the reason, the web domain name you want to buy is owned by another party. It will be in your best interest to use our domain buy service domain to inquire and negotiate the terms of sale on your behalf.


First and foremost, confidentiality is critical. It will be in the buyers’ best interest to keep their identity confidential throughout the purchase process. Keeping the buyers’ information private will play a vital role in buying the Domain at the lowest and best price. The size of the inquiring parties’ business, or the amount of funding they have received, will have a direct effect on the perceived value the domain owner thinks the Domain is worth. Let’s face it, people that own domains tend to be more technically savvy than most. They are going to use as many of their resources as possible to their advantage. All negotiations start by piecing together the puzzle that leads to the seller, which can be a long road. A veteran domain name broker like myself has a strong network of sellers we have created relationships with. Those relationships can pay off exponentially in moving the process along, receiving a fair price or something as simple as even getting a response. The domain owner could be an individual, Fortune 500 company, or a small business owner. Either way, a great domain name broker will know the right way to get in touch with the decision-maker for selling the Domain. The more experience matched with a strong network increases the chances of buying the Domain.

A seasoned domain name broker will provide clients with guidance on price expectations based on trends within the domain industry, recent comparable sales of other domain names, and other determinants. Understanding the value of a domain name before entering into negotiations will impact the buyers’ return on their purchase. Domain brokers with years of expertise in negotiating and buying website domain names for their clients will pay dividends for their clients. Negotiations are a dance between buyer and seller. When a broker is not involved, it, at times, can get overly emotional for one of the parties and possibly lead to the loss of the sale. A domain name broker is not personally invested in the project, has experienced every objection or situation there most likely will be, and has a solution for it. One of the most potent weapons in my arsenal is education. I find myself educating sellers about the domain market and the sales process more often than not, even when representing the buyer.

When the price is agreed upon, the brokers’ duties do not end. We walk both parties through contract negotiations, escrow, and the transfer of the Domain. Buyers and sellers typically have mixed opinions on contract verbiage and terms. Domain brokers assist in getting both parties to agree and execute the contract quickly without sacrificing the opportunity. We handhold both parties through the escrow process and give guidance on the necessary steps to secure the Domain’s funding in place securely. Once the monies are received, we assist in the transfer or push of the Domain to the buyer’s desired registrar account as quickly and smoothly.

Experienced domain name brokers like the team at Saw.com always put our clients’ best interests first. Our team strives to help our clients get their desired domain name. If, for whatever reason, the Domain you had your heart set on is not available, we have access to almost limitless other domains that fit every budget. Many of our clients have come to us looking for one Domain, and end up buying something else and being much happier with plan b.

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