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We have taken the time to put our Domain Buy Service into a formal white paper for our clients to review. This document is available on our domain buy service page, or you can click on the link below to download it or alternatively, you can read it in its raw form below:
Download the whitepaper here:


Here at, we are proud to have a team with some of the best and brightest within the digital asset aftermarket. We are fortunate to be able to share our knowledge and domain industry best- practices for our tactics of buying domains and other digital asset acquisitions.

Buying a website domain should be one of the aspects of an organization’s road to its digital strategy for its brand online. A short, easy-to-remember domain name that conveys a strong and credible brand message will help retain its customers while also helping position the company as a leader in its industry to attract potential new customers.

There are a number of considerations that will determine the best path forward as you begin the acquisition process. A solid strategy is one that will help save your brand time and, ultimately, financial resources. When you work with our team of seasoned professionals to help define and administer your strategy by identifying the website domain you would like to purchase, and then executing the plan.

If the domain is not currently registered, and it is available for registration, then acquiring the name is quite simple. A prospective buyer would simply need to register the domain with an ICANN accredited registrar. Most companies will understand this process if their top choice is available through this means. If the first choice is not readily available, working with a seasoned Domain Broker becomes increasingly essential.

Having the right team to facilitate and execute the best path forward is critical in identifying the best targets. Researching current ownership of the website domain at this stage is paramount. This is where it is quite beneficial to hire a professional Domain Broker like to help acquire the domain. Our brokers have access to proprietary historical data, tools, and resources to find current domain registrants for the assets critical to our clients.

Defining the market value for the domain name or the digital asset will be an important next step. What is the value to the client/potential buyer? What is the opportunity cost/loss if the client does not acquire this asset? What are the viable and best alternatives? What is the timeline required for this to be completed? A strategy must be defined among clients and brokers.

What is the value to the current registrant? Is the current registrant actively developing a business utilizing the domain asset online? Or, instead, are they utilizing the asset in a redirect to a different domain? These are all variables that need to be considered for our team to be successful on behalf of our clients.

Without domain industry knowledge and expertise, prospective buyers can end up sabotaging their acquisition with uneducated offers and negotiation tactics. The result could be acquiring the domain for an unfair price or failing to acquire the domain at all. The professional domain brokers at are skilled and trained in negotiating multi-million-dollar domain sales and have expertise in buying domains for fair prices and with confidentiality.

Our team will handle all aspects of the transaction from strategy, negotiation of contract terms and conditions, domain transfer/registration with full security and privacy considerations. These services provide our clients with a comfort level to transact one of the most mission-critical purchases for their business.

Whether buying or selling a domain name, the value of anonymity cannot be underestimated.

For our clients, remaining anonymous boosts negotiating ability as it removes any preconceived notions the seller may have about the buyer’s purchasing power. Also, without anonymity, public domain negotiations may provide tips to competitors about the buyer’s future business plans.

When working with for acquisition services, it is important that we all work under a mutually executed Service Purchase agreement and a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The Brokerage Agreement will lay out the terms and conditions of the service provided, including, but not limited to:

  • The services the broker will provide
  • The terms of payment
  • The expiration of the agreement
  • The domain names being targeted
  • The exclusivity of the agreement
  • The use of domain escrow

The Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MDNA) allows you to disclose your business’ long-term strategies and goals. Since these are typically highly confidential, it is important that every transaction has an MNDA in place to protect your business.


We founded so that our team can help you with our expertise and knowledge. Our mission is to create a place where customers know what is happening when they buy or sell their website domains and what they are getting for their assets or money. Through domain brokerage, appraisal, and portfolio management services, we meet our high standards; we have helped entrepreneurs and businesses of every size get the impact they deserve.

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