Diamond.com is For Sale


Saw.com, the leading firm in company naming, domain brand protection, and high value IP Asset sales and acquisitions is excited to announce that Diamond.com is now available for purchase. Sold exclusively through Saw.com, this one-of-a-kind domain has vast potential across multiple industries due to its broad consumer appeal.Diamond.com Press ReleaseToday, Saw.com has released the Diamond.com…

Meet Our Team: Yogi Solanki

Saw.com yogi

The newest addition to the Saw.com domain brokerage team is Yogi Solanki. He is a passionate domain investor from New Delhi, India that believes domain names can change lives. Our newest member of the team opens up about his favorite hobbies, future goals and excitement to be joining the Saw.com family. Welcome Yogi, we are excited to see where the future takes us with you on our team.

What is Brand Protection and Why is it Important?

what is brand protection

At its core, brand protection is the processing of preventing bad actors from illegally infringing on your intellectual property (IP). This can include your brand name, brand identity, trademarks, copyrights, designs, patents, and more. Do not wait for something horrible to happen to your brand. When you buy a domain, it is important to plan ahead to protect that brand name and the rest of your business.

Who Should Build Websites?

Who should build websites?

Saw.com CEO and Co-Founder Jeff Gabriel has years of experience sourcing talent in the domain industry. He has hired brokers, writers, copy-editors, graphic designers, website designers, programmers, etc. So what’s the secret to hiring a quality team? To Jeff, it’s important to cast a wide (think global) net when searching for talent.

Can I Buy an Expired Domain?

Can i buy an expired domain name?

Wondering whether buying up an expired domain that is trademarked will put you into legal trouble? Watch below to hear Jeff Gabriel’s advice. We are the leading domain brokerage on the net. We’re always writing fresh content to help viewers like yourself understand and love the same industry that all of those that work with me at Saw.com have grown to love.

MMX Auctioning Top .VIP Names

VIP Names

When I was the Vice President of Sales at Uniregistry, I had a front-row seat to watch extensions like .LINK, .Sexy, .Hiphop come to life. To be honest, I towed the corporate line and showed excitement for these new extensions. But deep down, my personal belief was that it would take a long time (if ever) for there to be a strong enough demand for these extensions.