Don’t Be Website Domain Trendy: The .io Versus .com Business Problem You Need To Understand

Domain trends can hurt your business. Especially if you choose .io over the traditional .com domain. This also holds true for .co, .net, and so on.

Let’s not forget the sizable advantage a business has with a .com domain. Why is all this domain discussion so important? The trust factor, as well as memorability.

This may not come as much of a surprise, but a .com TLD (Top Level Domain) still has the highest trust rating. 

The .com B2C or B2B business domain name also has a higher memorability percentage.

When compared to a .io domain, the .com gives a business the ultimate edge. For instance, a .com was far more memorable (44 percent more memorable) than any other domain designation.

And when it comes to trust, there is little to compare. 

Just put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. Are you more willing to give your credit card information on a .com website or a .io site?

The bottomline is that a .com TLD is the most trusted and most memorable. Trust us – we do everything from helping clients buy a domain, sell a domain, manage their portfolio and brand their business – this is important information to know. 

Why is this a business problem I need to understand?

This is a good question. And understanding more about the .com versus .io issue can save your company hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

Not to mention the headache of changing your .io to a .com TLD down the road.

Why should you take my advice? Well, our company continually helps companies large and small upgrade domains. And these companies will tell you, don’t be website domain trendy.

Let’s say you and your developer buddy came up with a killer tech product and brought it to market. Need a website right? Naturally being devs you went with a .io TLD.

Makes total sense to you and your cofounder, since .io is a developer savvy way of imprinting those ones and zeros. Clever and creative? Definitely. Worth it in respect to marketing and search engine optimization (SEO)? Unfortunately no.

So what gives?

The first problem a .io brings about is that a .io TLD is actually not a TLD at all. This domain designation is a CCTLD, or more commonly known as a country code top level domain.

And what does a .io CCTLD represent? Indian Ocean. This means that it falls under a country or territory. 

It would be like a .ca CCTLD, which is the country or territory designation for Canada.

So let’s say your tech business’ domain is and you’re just starting to gain traction in your market. That certainly takes a lot of hard work, determination, and marketing dollars.

But just as you’re about to lease that trendy office space in Austin, Texas to go with that trendy CCTLD, your website goes down.

And as much as you call your preferred registrar, you simply can’t get answers or get your site back up and running.


Well, the country or territory (in this case Indian Ocean) that has the .io designation changed up the rules and regulations. Your .io ownership is lost forever. And there is nothing you can do about it.

This is of course pretty extreme, but it can happen. Let’s take a look at another, very common problem that happens to a ton of businesses that went the trendy domain route.

How much are you willing to pay for your .com TLD?

This is an important question, because you may need to pay tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to get your business’ .com TLD down the road.

How much are you willing to pay for your business’ .com top level domain name?

Let’s say your tech savvy business has really taken off. The Indian Ocean country/territory rules and regulations are intact, and the company just received $10 million in funding from an angel investor.

This is your big moment. The public trading daydream you and your cofounder had since day one may actually be coming true in the not so different future.

Part of the next stages of growth do mean the business must protect branding right? So all you need to do is start buying up,, etc. And of course switch up your business domain to 

No problem. With a few keystrokes on your domain provider of choice and you will be good to go.

Not so fast. You quickly find out that some guy with a food truck in Mobile, Alabama had the same idea as you and your cofounder a few years ago and purchased

This means that your business’ .com domain name is taken.

And what’s worse is that the food truck guy held onto the domain after his business went under due to COVID food restrictions.

Not such a big deal right? 

Not until you contact the owner of and ask to purchase the domain, only to find out he wants $2 million for it. Seems like an outrageous price tag for a domain you think.

Afterall, you can normally get a .com TLD for nothing or a few hundred dollars. 

Well, that may be true if the food truck guy didn’t find your $10 million funding press release online. His failed food truck business and previously useless domain just became the best investment ever.

That trendy, techie .io domain choice just became your business’ biggest problem. Try explaining to your new investor that $2 million of that funding will disappear right from the get go. 

Not going to be a good conversation, that is for sure. As a domain brokerage service provider, we’ve directly heard this issue brought up time and time again by startups. 

You could lose your business branding altogether without getting a .com TLD from the start

This is the other major business problem you can run into by not getting a .com TLD from the start. How can you lose your branding if you are a successful business?

The owner of the .com TLD may have had an established business with your business name longer.

Using our example, let’s say that you are absolutely against paying the food truck guy what he wants for the .com TLD. Afterall, it is way too much money.

So instead you and your cofounder go the legal route and threaten a lawsuit. Seems pretty cut and dry right? Wrong again.

Since the food truck owner established his business years before you started the tech company utilizing the trendy .io CCTLD, he has more legal rights.

Now you will be really kicking yourself, because after talking to a lawyer, the food truck owner found out that your business name has infringed on his company’s trademark and name. 

This is the moment when you may lose all your business branding.

In fact, the food truck owner could take serious legal action against your business. And this is all because you chose a harmless .io over a .com from day one.

And it doesn’t matter how big your company is. If you’re not familiar with the lawsuit, you should get up to speed quickly if you have a .io CCTLD and not a .com TLD for your business.

Did you know that is actually owned by Uzi Nissan and is operated under the name Nissan Computer?

This is all true, so strap yourselves in for this one. is not the website domain for the Nissan Motor Company.

If you type into your Google search bar, you’ll get different results than what you would expect.

That’s right, Nissan Motor Company has no rights to or Google Nissan Motor Company and you will see the .com TLD dance they have to do.

How in the world did this happen? Well, before Nissan Motor Company was the Nissan globally known for automobiles, it was Datsun.

Naturally, when Nissan Motor Company became Nissan, they wanted to bolster the brand online.

What they didn’t expect was Uzi Nissan and already well-established online and as the Nissan Computer company.

What did Nissan Motor Company do? They sued Uzi Nissan and Nissan Computers for trademark infringement and a ton of other legal phrases. Did Nissan Motor Company win the lawsuit?

They most definitely did not win.

Can you believe it? A powerful global company like Nissan Motor Company could not win the lawsuit. How? They had no legal leg to stand on.

Uzi Nissan and Nissan Computer Corporation had been in operation as a business and as a .com TLD long before Nissan the car company entered the arena.

Don’t be website domain trendy!

On the long established website is a message. “It can happen to you or someone you know.” This is a warning worth taking to heart as a business owner.

Is it fun and techie of you to launch your technology company or app as a .io? It is, and you can certainly do as you wish for your business.

However, be aware of the issues that may arise down the road. I have seen it time and time again as a professional marketer, SEO, and domain provider. If you want to register as a .io CCTLD from the beginning, be sure to follow a few rules.

The first rule of .io domains is don’t talk about funding. The second rule of .io domains is don’t talk about funding. And the third rule of .io domains is don’t start with a .io CCTLD.

Just get a .com TLD for your business from the get go. Regardless if you utilize it for your B2C or B2B facing domain online or not.

There are simply too many problems that can arise for your business down the road. Like anything in business, be forward-thinking.

Ways Your Domain Can Make or Break Your Business

Is a domain name just a word used for a website? Can a domain name really make or break a business? 

No, a domain is not just any word. And yes, it can make or break your business. 

When starting a business, it is crucial to build a website that will effectively convey your brand to your customer. Specifically, that means you must buy a domain name that compliments your company. With your domain name, you build an online presence that helps your business gain credibility, increase site traffic, boost SEO, aid with branding and so much more. 

Put simply – in our digital world, your business needs a domain name. Use our tips and we guarantee you will make, not break, your business.

Let’s Choose A Domain Name

The first thing to know about choosing a domain – when to acquire it. Although you could choose to wait to buy a domain name and build your business website later, we would advise you not to. Choosing your domain name early on in the process of business building, you can ensure the domain is available and that it matches your business! If you wait to choose a domain name and the name is no longer available – you will have to make the decision to settle for a different name, pay to acquire the domain or rebrand. 

If you decided to acquire your domain from the get go, here are our tips to choosing the perfect domain for your business:

1. Choose a Brandable Domain

Domains are a key part of building your brand. Make this easy by choosing a domain that is easily brandable! 

Your domain could be an exact match to your business name, they could be made up words, or whatever else you want. Think of, and Be creative, but make sure it is brandable.

2. Make it Short and Easy to Spell

Customers want to find your site easily and quickly. Make your domain short and easy to spell – customers will easily remember it and will have no problem searching for it. Additionally, this makes it easier for search engines to rank your website. 

If your domain is hard to spell, you risk the chance of potential customers forgetting your business name or closing the browser. 

3. Make it Memorable

This goes along with the two above. Choosing a brandable domain that is short and easy to spell ensures your domain will be memorable for customers when they are searching for your site. Furthermore, a memorable name is more likely to be shared by word of mouth by happy customers!

4. Choose a Keyword Domain

If you do not choose a domain name that exactly matches your business name, you might want to consider a keyword domain. These are domains that are directly related to your business, product or service –  but are not the actual company name. 

For example, or These keyword domains tell the customer, and search engines like Google, about the website and product without using an exact match domain. If chosen correctly, keyword domains can rank high in SEO and be easy for the customer to remember.

5. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

Using hyphens and numbers in a domain name typically correlates with spam to a search engine like Google. Therefore, you will be ranked lower on pages and hurt your SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, which is key to ecommerce in 2021. Additionally, having a domain with hyphens or numbers may cause many customers to not trust the site.  

For example, vs. Which is easier to remember? Which would you trust? 

6. Use Top Level Domain Extensions

Today, there are over 1,000 domain extensions – some unique to countries, some that connect with specific industries and activities. However, the most common domain extensions are .com, .net, .org and .edu. 

TLD’s do indeed come with a larger price tag. However, owning a domain with a top level extension means you are more likely to rank higher on searches and your site is viewed more credible. 

Ready to Choose the Right Domain for Your Business?

You now have our tips for choosing the right domain name, but you need help acquiring it. The team at can help!

Our team of domain brokers have years of experience in the industry. Our domain brokers are experts in domain acquisition, appraisal, branding, brand protection, portfolio management services and more. We pride ourselves in our transparency and passion to help you reach your goals. Additionally, we handle the nitty-gritty work for you. 

Our mission is to help you be seen online. If you are interested in speaking with an expert from our domain brokerage service about buying a domain, please contact us for a free consultation.

What are Handshake Domains?

People in the domain space are increasingly talking about handshake domains. Additionally, how they could shake up the internet as we know it. At, we are passionate about this industry and the constant new ideas that enter it. With us, you can buy a domain, sell a domain, protect a domain and learn about domains!

Today, we are going to discuss how handshake domains work and their future in the domain industry.

About Handshake Domains

So, what exactly is a handshake domain?

Handshake Domains, an “experimental peer-to-peer root naming system”.

Handshake (HNS) is a decentralized peer-to-peer network domain naming protocol that is aiming to fundamentally change the internet’s domain naming system landscape. Using blockchain technology (similar to cryptocurrency tech), handshake domains bypass the traditional centralized domain naming system overseen by ICANN. Critics of the current system argue that a centralized naming system is by its nature “vulnerable to hacking, censorship, and corruption.”

Handshake calls it an “experiment” to explore new ways in which to build a more decentralized internet. Essentially, the idea is that a decentralized system offers domain owners more security, privacy, freedom, and control over their domain name.

How to Register a Handshake Domain

Interested in registering a handshake domain? Handshake uses a coin system for name registration. Handshake coins (HNS) are the way people can register, transfer and update handshake domains. This is a decentralized, auction process among participants.

Outside of using handshake coins, Namecheap is the only domain registrar offering registration services for handshake domains for the general public. However, we will be watching to see if any other domain registrars begin to also handle handshake domains. As of now, Namecheap offers the following handshake TLDs: .creator, .elite, .ill, .oh, .oo, .oot, .orb, .p, .pgp, .saas, and .sox. To register a handshake domain on Namecheap, you simply enable the HNS option and follow the regular process for registering a traditional domain name.

If you are interested in registering, transferring or updating a handshake domain, your two options are Handshake coins (HNS) or Namecheap.

How to Access a Handshake Domain Website

It is important to note that currently, handshake domains do not resolve via regular web browsers. So, in order to access a handshake domain, an additional setup is required. This includes using one of the following:

  • The Handshake software itself
  • NextDNS
  • VPN
  • Browser extensions
  • Fingertip

The Future of Handshake Domains

Handshake hopes to fundamentally change the landscape of the internet. Their mission by decentralizing the Internet is to give users more freedom, privacy, enhanced security and more.

However, with its limited accessibility (both from a registration and browser support standpoint), the current system is still firmly in control. Another big concern is the possibility that ICANN releases conflicting TLDs with the current handshake TLDs. If that were to happen, resolvers would have to choose whether to resolve to the ICANN TLD or the handshake TLD.

Additionally, ICANN is a huge organization with tons of power and control over the internet. The domain naming space is not going to change any time soon. But as blockchain technology gains more widespread traction (specifically in the domain naming space), ICANN may be forced to reckon with the idea of a more decentralized service for domain names.

Ready to Buy a Domain Name?

Interested in learning more about Ready to launch your company website? Let us help you find the perfect domain name for you and your brand! 

Our mission is to help businesses large and small be seen online. Our domain brokers are experts in domain acquisition, appraisal, branding, brand protection, portfolio management services and more. We pride ourselves in our transparency and passion to help you reach your goals. Additionally, we handle the nitty-gritty work for you. 

If you are interested in speaking with an expert from our domain brokerage service about buying a domain, please contact us for a free consultation.

AI for Content Blog

We Used AI To Write An Article About Domains

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. This week we put AI to the test. Although AI can not actually buy a domain – yet – it seems to think it knows lots about the world of buying domains.

The below article is written solely by a robot. Yes, Artificial Intelligence.

A friend of mine told me about this website that writes automated articles, and I thought I would try it. First, the system asks for a specific subject, then particular keywords to help shape the article. For the subject I chose: Buying Domains. For keywords: Premium Domains, Branding, Domain Broker.

 Below, the writing has been untouched, pure Artificial Intelligence. However, I added some of my own commentary – highlighted in orange.

Buying Domain Names – How to Make Wise Purchases

Investing in domain names has a pretty simple concept, but when you dig deeper, there’s a whole lot of stuff going on. Show me the stuff! At its core, domain buying and selling means buying domain names with the intent to resell them later, typically to other investors. I have seen this happen, but the goal is mainly to sell to “End Users” or Companies. Investors pay investor prices.  Most investors look for domain names that fulfill their investment criteria, purchase the names, and sell the names to others who need to use the… well, you get the idea. – I do not.  But there are many other things to keep in mind when you’re investing in domain names.

Buying for Resale

One important factor that goes into buying domain names is buying for resale purposes. Many investors buy domains that they plan to resell later, either as a gift to a client for their assistance -I have never heard of this before – in business or as part of a large portfolio sale. Successful domain flipping involves being able to flip a domain quickly for a nice profit and/or to keep it from sitting on the market until it sells for too low. One important skill you need for a successful domain flipping – Strange wording here, but I do love me a good domain flipping! is being able to find domain names that are already in high demand. Domain names that are difficult to find sometimes take longer to sell than the typical domain name. If you can find a domain name that has a huge demand, it’s much more likely that you can turn a profit on the domain name when you sell it later.

Another important factor that goes into buying domain names for reselling is making sure that the domains are in good condition. Many domains buy domains from domainers who don’t update their web sites often or that don’t offer support for the hosting server. These factors can mean that the domains are less likely to convert to cash flows when they’re sold. This paragraph is not valid, and it is poorly written. Domains do not buy domains from domains, and buying a domain with an outdated website is not necessarily bad. I have never heard that a hosting server, that does not offer support, has caused a domain to lose value or convert to cashflows. 

Importance of Timing

One final area of domain buying and selling that should be considered before entering the world of domain investing is timing. This is certainly true. Just like traditional real estate investing, domain investment takes time to build up. The best domains will be purchased at the right time when there is significant value. This value may come from a domain name’s search engine rankings or demand. People purchase different items for different reasons, but demand is certainly more important. If an investor is buying domain names for resale purposes, he or she needs to buy them when the demand is high and the price is right. The people who make the most significant returns on domains purchase them when the demand for that particular keyword is very low. For example, imagine buying five years ago? It had value of 30-50,000 USD, but it is worth close to $10,000,000 now.

Consider the Hidden Fees

There are many things to consider when buying domain names for reselling. One of those things is hidden fees. Some registrars charge additional fees for domain transfers- All registrars charge one year registration to transfer a domain name – maintenance and monitoring services that you may never use. I am not sure what these are, but they are possible. Other hidden fees may exist and registrars aren’t always forthcoming about these fees. Investing in domain parking instead of purchasing your own domain could save you money in the long run by taking care of the maintenance and management for you, resulting in higher returns. This sentence makes absolutely no sense. Parking is something investors do to create revenue on the domains they own. They are landers that serve up specific advertisements that are relevant to the keyword of the domain name. For example, if you have, users will see advertisements for ads if they visit the domain. If you do not own the domain name, you cannot invest in parking unless you buy or invest in a parking company. 

Final Thoughts on Domain Reselling

Investing in domain names can result in tremendous profit for those who know how to do it properly. However, it is also a risky venture for those who don’t know what they’re doing. It can be much more effective and less expensive to hire a domain name registrar to handle your domain name registration and domain name sales.  I understand that certain registrars will make suggestions specifically in brand protection as to what a company or trademark holder to purchase, but I have never heard of a registrar helping someone build a domain investment portfolio.  A good registry will allow you to purchase and sell domains as well as create and edit your website. A registry is not public facing, so this is not possible. A good registry also offers extra benefits such as traffic and page rank boosts, email marketing and domain name forwarding. The artificial intelligence is confusing a registry with a registrar. 

Did AI Understand Domains?

Overall this article touches on some very valid points, but AI is having trouble bringing them together. The domain space can be confusing, and there are a lot of moving parts. But, for what it is, I am pretty impressed! I will try this exercise again, but with a more straightforward subject matter. Stay tuned!

Hidden Blog

The (Hidden) Costs of Settling for a Subpar Domain

A saying my grandfather first exposed me to when I was in my early school years and which… well, didn’t seem to make that much sense. At first, that is. “Good work isn’t cheap, and cheap work isn’t good.” 

Later on, life happened. 

What once seemed nonsensical started making sense.

As an entrepreneur, I witnessed it first-hand time and time again that trying to save a buck can backfire. For example, paying a talented, experienced developer who is passionate about their projects gives 110% effort instead of “saving money” by hiring someone who charges 1/10 of that. Yet, later on, finding out that the sub-optimal work provided by the latter cost you far, far more than what the former (rightfully) charged for his expertise. Unfortunately, the same principle is often valid when settling for a bad domain name. 

Subpar Domain Names

What exactly is a subpar domain name, you might ask? Quite simply, it can be several things. Often, it is the actual domain name that a person has wanted, but they put an action word in front of it. So, for example, if were your domain of choice, one would use GetSaw, BuySaw, or…Or paying close to premium prices for, ai or io. 

You don’t simply pick a domain and then move on, never having to worry about it again. Why? Simply because your domain produces effects time and time again throughout the life cycle of the project it is used for.

More specifically:

1. Improve Click Through Rates

According to a Microsoft study, buying a domain that is a great .com (in contrast to anything else, including) improve click-through rates. Click-through rates which frequently enable you to pay less for impressions. In other words, with each marketing campaign you launch, a solid .com domain will end up saving you money. Or “settling” for the sub-par domain makes you lose money, depending on how you choose to look at the issue. 

2.  Instant Credibility

Great domain names provide instant credibility, whereas a subpar domain is to be perceived as somewhat of a consolation prize. This instant credibility tends to open doors that would have remained shut in its absence. They will grant you access to opportunities you wouldn’t have had access to without it. Or at least get you a chance…A seat at the table. Simply put, a good .com domain name can facilitate that much-desired email reply that leads to the deal of a lifetime, whereas its subpar counterpart either doesn’t help or even downright hurts the proverbial cause. What price tag would you put on such an opportunity?

3. SEO

Even when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and the pursuit of quality editorial links, .com domain names open doors that various subpar alternatives cannot. If I have learned anything in terms of SEO over the years, the best links are those that money cannot buy. Links from serious organizations, universities, and other prestigious entities that are editorial by excellence. A great, memorable .com domain name represents a much-needed edge in the pursuit of such links. 

4. Future Selling of the Domain

Are you thinking about how you will exit? That is smart. But do you know what would also be smart? Realizing that selling a great business built on a great domain name as opposed to a great business built on a “consolation prize” one can end up being the difference between booking a solid exit and selling for a life-changing amount

5. Attract Attention

A .com domain name even influences talent acquisition and retention! Especially in a world where employees aren’t just interested in enough compensation to pay the bills. They want exciting career paths, jobs that make them feel proud about their professional lives. It’s one thing to have a business card with an email address and/or URL that commands respect. It is something completely different to avoid eye contact whenever someone asks you to pronounce your domain name out loud. Simply put, yes, great .com domain names can indeed be employee magnets. Whereas sub-optimal ones might even represent a deterrent.

6. Shows Business Success

Last but certainly not least, and I have seen this countless times. When it becomes more than apparent that the original domain is subpar and an upgrade to the perfect domain is necessary, business success or funding has become public knowledge. The entity that owns the ideal domain can see that by conducting a handful of searches. With the success of the business, the price of the domain will rise. Considerably. 

I am going to say the exact quote my grandfather said, but slightly different now, “Good domains aren’t cheap, and cheap domains aren’t good.”  

Advice to You

As an Entrepreneur who has been forced to work with shoestring budgets on multiple occasions, I realized a great Entrepreneur is very resourceful. Before I would walk away from the perfect brand for my business, I would consider emptying all of the tricks out of my hat and attempt some of the following:  

  1. Negotiate payments over 3-5 years with a reasonable down payment. 
  2. Opt into a yearly lease where the payments cannot grow more than a certain percentage per year.  
  3. Consider trading goods, services, and cash. 
  4. If all else fails, find another domain where the price is more reasonable, and revisit 1, 2, and 3. 

Whatever you do, do not go cheap on your domain name. 

Ready to Buy a Domain?

Are you ready to launch your company website? Let us help you find the perfect domain name for you and your brand! 

Our mission is to help businesses large and small be seen online. Our domain brokers are experts in domain acquisition, appraisal, branding, brand protection, portfolio management services and more. We pride ourselves in our transparency and passion to help you reach your goals. Additionally, we handle the nitty-gritty work for you. 

If you are interested in speaking with an expert from our domain brokerage service about buying a domain, please contact us for a free consultation.

Until next time. #GiddyUp!

Jeffrey M. Gabriel 

CEO – 

Decentralized Blog

Decentralized Domains Part 1 – The Bright Side

When I have brought up decentralized domains in conversations with client and colleagues a lot do not know what they are. I decided to write a two part article that will cover what they are, as well as the positives and the negatives of them. You can read my longer, more detailed version on

In a traditional, centralized domain name system IANA is in control of the single, authoritative root. While ICANN is in charge of managing IANA. Additionally, ICANN delegates the management of specific TLDs in the root to various registries and these registries authorize companies called registrars to sell individual domain names to customers. 

The biggest limitation to this traditional system is censorship., along with everyone that owns a domain that you most likely know exists, is affected by the centralized domain name system. Although we are not a registry, we do help people sell domains, buy domains, and protect domains. We use systems like ICANN and various registries everyday to assist us with our work.

Decentralized Domains

Decentralized alternatives to the traditional Domain Name System have been receiving more and more attention lately. Why? Solution providers and blockchain technology-friendly browsers are making this possible. However, with a decentralized domain name system no centralized point of control, or of failure, exists. Or, at least that is the main goal.

What are the possible benefits of a decentralized domain name system anyway?

To name a few, censorship resistance, no yearly registrations just one payment, anonymity and the security dimension. However, these are not without some disadvantages. You can learn all about it by reading my article on Circle ID: Want to  here

Also, stay tuned for part two of this article – The Dark Side of Decentralized Domain Names. 


Are you ready to launch your company website? Let us help you find the perfect domain name for you and your brand! 

Our mission is to help businesses large and small be seen online. Our domain brokers are experts in domain acquisition, appraisal, branding, brand protection, portfolio management services and more. We pride ourselves in our transparency and passion to help you reach your goals. Additionally, we handle the nitty-gritty work for you. 

If you are interested in speaking with an expert from our domain brokerage service about buying a domain, please contact us for a free consultation.Because everyone is very busy, this is the short version. You can read my longer, more detailed version on

6.99 to 2500 IG

Behind The Sale – $6.99 Purchase To a $2,500 Sale

It is funny sometimes when I speak to clients. They say to me, “Sir Jeff, we are looking to purchase X domain name, but it is probably only for a few thousand dollars. I won’t bother you with that. It just isn’t big enough.” My response is always, “Bring it on! Happy to help!”

There are a few reasons for this. The most important one is great salespeople are doers. We always have and want something to do, something to work on, and something to dream about. There is never a day where a salesperson’s job is “done”, and they are waiting for something new. When I am busy, shucking and jiving, and have a lot of deals going on I am a lot more efficient, motivated, and fulfilled. I would rather close ten small sales than one big one.

Chasing the white whale (A huge blockbuster sale) and being a modern-day Captain Ahab have their rewards, but those that decide for the huge wins will go long periods of time without anything. The money a salesperson makes on a sale like this could hold them over for potentially years, but mentally speaking going months without a sale would be downright depressing! For the record when I was trying to sell a number of years ago I was still closing sales for 1,500 the same month I sold that.

In this particular case, Doron Vermaat, CEO of Efty purchased for just $6.99 a couple of months ago. He got an inbound lead on his own platform and tried to handle it himself. When the buyer didn’t respond he sent it using the Domain Brokerage integration and sent the opportunity to us. In a matter of days we were able to sell it for $2,500.

He highlighted this on his own company blog right here:

One of the other things that keep us salespeople motivated is laughter. We had a couple of chuckles over this domain name and we are looking forward to seeing what the buyer of is going to do with it!

Congratulations to them, thank you and nice pickup to Doron. Also, great job to our Broker, Paul Thomson for jumping on the opportunity and making it happen.

More About

Are you ready to find a domain name and launch your company website? Let us help you find the perfect domain name for you and your brand! 

Our mission is to help businesses large and small be seen online. By acquiring a domain name, you can do that. Our domain brokers are experts in domain acquisition, appraisal, branding, brand protection, portfolio management services and more. We pride ourselves in our transparency and passion to help you reach your goals. Additionally, we handle the nitty-gritty work for you. 

If you are interested in speaking with an expert from our domain brokerage service about buying a domain, please contact us for a free consultation.

Happy Hunting!

Jeffrey Gabriel


Don’t Forget the Socials

Times have changed and are changing. Along with them, are the branding needs of businesses.

More specifically, it is perfectly natural for these branding needs to become increasingly complex as time passes. Gone are the days when your domain and website name represented the only game in town with respect to traffic generation. Simpler times, some might say. Web 1.0, if you will.

Social Media Has Changed the Game

Then along came social media platforms (the Web 2.0 revolution) and the proverbial game changed. With domain investors and online business owners alike oftentimes confused as to what that means for their activities. As tends to be the case in such climates, two extremes became quite vocal:

  1. On the one hand, those who believed domain names were “obsolete” and that social media platforms will bring about the death of websites. Why bother going through the hassle of securing a great domain name, setting up a website and making sure your servers are up and running, when you have huge corporations that are willing to take care of everything for you?
  2. On the other hand, there were let us call them website purists. Who believed that social media platforms offered us a poisonous pill. Or trojan horse, even. To put it differently, they believed it was a huge mistake to say goodbye to the freedom and sovereignty that running your own website facilitated. Why hand over so much control to a faceless corporation that could shut down the account you spent so much time and energy building just like that? Some believed the social media phenomenon was just a fad, others envisioned a 1984-like future with these platforms in the spotlight. Regardless, website purists were firmly convinced social media should be avoided at all costs.

Domain Names vs. Social Media

Needless to say, both sides ended up being wrong due to deploying an emotion-driven decision-making framework rather than embracing reason. Here we are, many years later, and the “domain + website” duo is hardly obsolete. The same way, however, social media platforms are also here, stronger than ever.

In fact, a fair case could be made that the two arch-enemies are actually anything but adversaries. Instead, domain names + websites and social media platforms actually complement one another rather nicely. Together, they make for a landscape even more opportunity-dense than the already-generous one that existed prior to the Web 2.0 phenomenon.

Would using a social media account as the main pillar of your online activity be recommended? Most definitely not.

Even if they allowed hatred to get the best of them, website purists did have a point. The fact that by using a social media account as the main component of your online business, you’d be ceding far too much control to a corporation to which… well, you just aren’t that important.

However, there is far too much traffic on the table for you to simply ignore social media platforms. As such, more and more businesses are understanding the fact that the relationship between the two dimensions is symbiotic. In other words, of course you should use a domain + website as the main component of your system.

Why Not Drive Traffic to that Hub via Social Media Platforms?

A lot of times, one platform or another represents an excellent place where the target audience of your business can be found. If you are charismatic, why not host a YouTube show and drive traffic to your website that way? Or if you’d prefer short-form punditry, perhaps it would make sense to try Twitter on for size. Maybe Instagram, if let’s say photography would work better for your business. TikTok for younger demographics and the list could go on and on.

Furthermore, why not diversify and experiment with various platforms? Indeed, more and more online business owners are doing just that.

Match the Handle to the Domain Name

And, you’ve guessed it, this created yet another branding-related need. The need to secure your brand name on relevant social media platforms.

There are two main possibilities if you are currently looking for a premium domain name and interested in the social media dimension:

  1. If you are buying from a social media-savvy domain investor, you might be lucky enough to receive at least a few exact match social media handles as a bonus. In other words, the domain investor had already secured them and will include the handles in the sale. Realistically speaking, however, such situations are still more of a rarity than the norm.
  2. In most cases, you will have to either do the necessary legwork yourself. However, you could also delegate this task to brokers who specialize in such services.

Use a Domain Broker

When it comes to the second scenario, we would recommend the following system:

A. Start by compiling a list of social media platforms you want or might want a presence on. Then, check the availability of your perfect social media handle. If you are lucky and it is available, simply sign up for an account (free of charge in most cases) and secure it.

B. If your perfect handle is not available, you will have to choose between settling for the next best thing (the second or third-best option) in terms of available handles or trying to go after your number one pick.

If you choose to go after your top choice, there are three possible situations:

  1. The owner of the handle is still active on the social media website in question. In which case, you can simply create a random account there and get in touch through a direct message. Or, perhaps you will come across other contact details when browsing through the posts of the person in question). 
  2. Hire a domain broker that specializes in the acquisition of digital assets. They will know the best way to reach them and negotiate with them. Most importantly, protect your funds when it is time to transact.

How Much Should You Pay For the Perfect Social Media Handle?

It all depends on whether or not you have a clear plan with respect to your activity there or are simply trying to secure the handle for possible future use. If the social media platform in question represents a core element of your marketing strategy, your generosity should of course go up in direct proportion to the potential benefits you believe that platform puts on the table.

If, on the other hand, we are dealing with a “just in case” situation (possible future use), you can either decide to wait and monitor (hoping that the handle somehow becomes available). Or, establish contact with the owner without putting an impressive offer on the table. In other words, you hope the social media handle is so unimportant to its current owner that he/she will be willing to hand it over in exchange for a symbolic amount. Just like premium domain names, premium social media handles will cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. They can go up significantly from there if the handle you are seeking is tied to an individual, or business that already has a large following.

Build Your Brand with

As can be seen, it’s ultimately all a matter of understanding that forgetting the socials is not an option. Be proactive. Let’s just say that securing the best social media handle(s) will be easier today than this time next year. Procrastinating might not be the wisest idea in the world. As Auntie Buzz always said, “Don’t forget the socials!”

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Characteristics of a Strong Business Website

Domain names are the digital real estate of your company. What does this make your website? Your business’s front door step. This is what communicates the essence of what makes your company special. It is the finishing touches – the welcome mat and fresh flowers that welcome your customers home. 

A website is one of the first places customers look at when they hear about your company. Customers rely on company websites to get their first glimpse on the product or service that is being offered. They want to see professionalism, dedication to customers and feel your brand when they enter your site. It is crucial that your website is set up to be the perfect bridge between you and your customer. 

In this article we will discuss what customers look for when they go to your site. Furthermore, what you can do to make your customer experience better. Here are’s characteristics of a strong business website. 

What Makes a Great Website?

Your first step as a company should be to buy a domain that fits your company and your brand. At, we recommend a premium, one word domain that is memorable and easy to spell. However, we have three keys to success when buying a domain name for your brand. 

Once you have the domain name you want, the next step is making it yours. Your domain name is there to help people find you online, once they have found you, what’s next? Well, you need to design your website to properly convey your brand to customers. These are our steps to creating a great website:

1. Design the Website to your Brand

Your website is a reflection of your company and your brand. It should showcase both your product or service and your company as a whole. Successful websites present their brand, i.e. their vibe, look, feel of their company, but also keep it professional. 

However, this does not mean plaster your logo and company name all over the site. Be professional and tasteful. Make your website visually appealing, with the colors of your brand or colors that are complimentary to your logo. Keep your site balanced with short, easy to read excerpts and break up writing with quality photographs. Keeping balance and spacing in mind makes your site easier to read for customers. 

According to Hubspot website statistics, 38% of your visitors will stop engaging with your site if its layout is unappealing. And 66% of your visitors prefer to read beautifully designed content, not plain looking content. Well designed, visually appealing content is the key to building trust and credibility with customers, as well as keeping them on your site longer.

2. Make it Easy to Use

Think of your customers’ user experience. Nowadays people want accessible, quick, easy to read information right at their fingertips. The longer it takes for customers to find the information they want, the more likely it is for them to leave your site. Design your site so information is easy to find, and easy to read. Create obvious tabs and organize your site in a way that makes navigation extremely easy. By doing this you can maximize readership and minimize website standstills.

3. Performance and Speed

What is worse than not being able to find information on a site? A site that is slow. 

Build your website to common website standards and make sure you are regularly testing your site for speed and functionality issues. This includes mobile, tablet and desktop users. Mobile devices now account for nearly 2 of every 3 minutes spent online.

Additionally, 13% of adults access the internet via mobile only while 11% access the internet via desktop only.

The speed and performance of your site on both desktop and mobile phones could be the difference between a customer staying on your site or closing the tab. 

4. Keep Site Content Updated

Keep customers interested by keeping content fresh. A constant flow of interesting, new content will keep people returning to your site time and time again. It is important to be creative and original. Additionally, keep content relevant to what is going on in the world.

 This will also help with SEO, or search engine optimization, strategy for your site.

5. Call to Action

Ask your customer to get engaged! Although sometimes it is hard to add a call to action on each page of a site, try to incorporate a way for a customer to engage at least a few times. Ask them to join a mailing list, follow you on social media or  invite them to a forum to ask questions. You could also provide internal links for more information or offer a signup for a free trial or consultation. By asking the customer to do something on your site, it gets them thinking and actively engaging in the content. Thus, making your site more memorable to them.

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